Marine Survey & Laboratory Services In Southeast Texas

Chemical and Petrochemical Inspections, L.P. (CPI) brings inspection and laboratory services to the Golden Triangle and Houston area industrial markets!

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Certified Woman Owned Business

Discover the difference a smaller lab can make!

CPI has over 20 years of experience providing the Golden Triangle area with outstanding marine survey and laboratory services. What sets us apart is the next level of service, value, and flexibility that we are able to offer as a smaller, independent firm.

Rapid Response Time CPI prides itself in its extremely rapid response time. Our surveyors can be and on-site and ready to begin work within 30 minutes of dispatch. When speed matters trust CPI to get the job done!
Prompt, Detailed Reports CPI delivers prompt, detailed reports to clients, typically within a few hours of job completion during standard business hours and by 10:00am the following day during non-standard hours.
Advanced Methodology Unlike larger firms that are limited to what is considered standard methodology, CPI’s chemists are able to work with samples across a range of difficulty levels while employing insightful, advanced methods.
Superior Training Every one of our lab technicians is trained and educated beyond the minimum requirements found in larger laboratory firms. This superior training and experience allows them to provide more customized, analytical solutions.


CPI offers a wide range of services that can be further customized to fit the particular needs of each client.

  • Don’t waste your precious time waiting on surveyors. CPI’s team can be on-site and ready to go within a half hour of dispatch.

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  • Waiting for lab results puts a serious crimp in productivity. CPI solves this problem by delivering thorough, analytical reports quickly.

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  • Need special services that larger laboratories in the Houston area can’t accomodate? No problem, CPI has you covered!

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