One of the rarest and important analytical tool in contract labs like CPI is Combustion Ion Chromatography (CIC). Although traditional Ion Chromatography (IC) works with any type of charged molecule, there are some limits. Fortunately, a process known as combustion ion chromatography (CIC) takes things few steps further and extends the capabilities of IC to any type of combustible product sample.

CPI’s Applications of Combustion Ion Chromatography

  • Total, Inorganic and Organic Chloride. (Applies to other Halogens)
  • CIC works on combustible samples of all types, solids, liquids, or gases.
  • CIC is highly precise and highly accurate with automated boat carrying sample to furnace.
  • CIC helps ensure compliance with regulatory standards like those of the FDA or GLP.

The Diverse Industrial Applications of Combustion Ion Chromatography

Combustion ion chromatography also has a very diverse range of industrial applications, making it a popular choice for an array of different companies and facilities. In particular CIC is ideal for quality control and routine analysis. It is commonly used to analyze:
  • Gasoline, Diesel and Jet fuels
  • LPGs
  • Foods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Paints
  • Resins
  • Insulations

CPI Laboratories’ Precise, Accurate Combustion Ion Chromatography Services

Although CIC is rare and important tool in the industry, It is a common aspect of quality control and routine analysis at CPI. It is extremely important that CIC results be as accurate and precise as possible. CPI understands this and we go the extra mile to provide our clients with fast, outstanding results that are both highly accurate and precise. Our industrial clients can count on CPI to deliver data to their facilities and businesses can count on.

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