Chemical and Petrochemical Inspections, L.P. (CPI) provides fast, reliable ion chromatography as one of our core areas of service. Ion chromatography is one of the widely used and important methods of chromatography in the industrial sector. It involves separating ions based on their particular affinity to an ion exchanger.

Understanding How Ion Chromatography Works

Ion chromatography (IC), also known as ion-exchange chromatography, has two primary phases: a mobile phase and a stationary phase. The mobile phase typically consists of a buffered aqueous solution that will carry the sample through a loop onto a column. The column will contain the stationary phase material. The stationary phase often consists of a resin or gel matrix made of cellulose or agarose that have covalently bonded charged functional groups. As the sample passes through the column its anion or cations are retained by the stationary phase. These ions can then be eluted if the concentration of similarly charged particles is increased. The analytes (cations or anions) being studied can then be detected using a method such as UV/visible light absorbance or conductivity.

The Molecules Studied in Ion Chromatography

A major advantage of ion chromatography is that it can be used on just about any type of molecule as long as it has some kind of charge. For example it may be used on:
  • Large Proteins
  • Small Nucleotides
  • Amino Acids
This ability of ion chromatography to work on such a wide range of molecules gives it broad application for quality control and purity studies, general water or liquid analysis, and protein purification

CPI Laboratories Delivers Fast, Reliable Ion Chromatography Results

Because ion chromatography has such frequent application for industrial quality control and general analysis getting fast, reliable results is often of the essence. A delay could result in subpar performance at the industrial facility or result in a temporary halt in production. It is also imperative that the results be precise and reliable. CPI Laboratories understands these needs and utilizes state-of-the-art, advanced methodology to deliver quick, dependable ion chromatography reports. The Golden Triangle and Houston-area industrial sector can count on CPI for top-quality, attentive services.

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